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The dumb people above me didnt know what they are talking about,it might have been built like a tank but it came with a powerful engine and parts that, back then, only came on $100,000+ cars and race cars. Parts like the LSD (limited slip diffriential), the TEMS system (Toyota Electronicly Monitoured Suspension), and the array of "go fast" buttons in the cockpit prove this car to be ahead of its time. I bought a 1989 supra and did alot of engine work only because the dumbass before me ran it without oil for a while. Now she runs great and I couldnt be happier.
the 87-92 supra was ranked 47th out of the top 100 sport compact cars by sport compact car magizene,this is what was said "Built like a tank, big as a ship,and one of the quickest cars of its time."october 2004 volume 16 no.10. You cant fight with SCC!
by Jay Dubb February 22, 2005

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taking way to long to do something
Tara: where's jeff? this guy's always late.
Jay: no kidding,he always takes 99's.
by jay dubb November 01, 2004

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