5L is a similar acronym to “4L” which stands for “for life”. 5L stands for “five life” which means longer than life.
by prizs August 28, 2019
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a group of girls, no… sisters who stick together until the end of time
girl: i wish i had a 5L
girl 2: me too! they seem fun
by tweeter693 February 24, 2023
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The consumption of one four Loko and one joint (or one L) together.
Person 1: Are you going to drive?
Person 2: Are you kidding? I'm like 5L's down...
by Helbrek February 26, 2011
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A big boi wid a big bushy beard and jenk. He smokes all da jonk and he only chings in multiples of 5.
5L be slangin day Venezuelan gurl x5!!!! YOLO and suckle em
by BRESTS March 21, 2019
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The definition of epicness, it's used in simple urban places. A rare word but some of the best, it can be used to define how someone is so cool and something that is amazing
Look at that guy, he's such a 5l!
Wow,i hope i can someday be a 5l.
by Papitamaker November 14, 2020
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The mighty Toyota 3ltr 5L

Slow as fuck...
Turbo it and it’s still slow as fuck...
Supercharge it and it’s just a little bit quicker than slow as fuck...
Ya get the point
Did you see how fast the Toyota 5L hilux is going... no I left it at the lights.
by Saalter January 15, 2018
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