the act or feeling of missing a person, place or thing...
were gonne miss you....
by NICHELLE HAMEED June 22, 2005
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Another name for Baz. Origniated in London.
Awww Mizzle, I like your jumper.
by Harry Elafonté February 16, 2005
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Mizzled is when somebody deliberately misleads or dupes you with malicious intent. You can be "misled" by bad directions but your cheater boyfriend "mizzled" you into thinking your relationship was great when in fact he was engaged to someone else. This is an important distinction, because often you start out thinking you were misled, only to find out later, you were MIZZLED!
Laura mizzled me into thinking that Blake had a girlfriend when in fact he didn't. All because she wanted him for herself.
by Peneloppe Pittstop September 14, 2009
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A Devonshire word describing weather that is more than mist but not quite drizzle. Annoying weather that on the surface doesn't deserve a brollie or jacket but after 30minutes you are soaked.
Is that rain outside? No it's just mizzle.
by Bhop May 21, 2013
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When its raining. Its not quite as bad as drizzling but its worse than spitting. Mizzling.
Hmm, its mizzling outside as the moment.
by lorna2408 December 27, 2011
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The sound that is created by masterbating into a pouch of pop rocks.
She was impressed by the volume of the mizzle after she spit out his baby batter into her favorite childhood candy.
by Kernel K September 30, 2015
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A female libertarian stoner rapper/producer from Milwaukee, WI. Also goes by the names Z-Dub and Double Z. Her songs range from topics like drugs, politics, the Illuminati, suicide, life experiences and more. MiZZle has also done remixes, covers, and parodies of artists like Queen, Akon, Tina Turner, 2Pac, Pennywise, Too $hort, and more. You can find MiZZle on ReverbNation, Spotify, and Amazon.
Stoner1: I need some new stoner rap to listen to.
Stoner2: You ever hear of that MiZZle chick? Fucking amazing lyrics. Gets you thinking if you really listen to what she's saying. Probably the best in the midwest!
by SubnoizeRat February 9, 2013
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