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to be miserable or one who is miserble.
-That chick is so miz.
-Girlfriends can be miz
-Don't be miz!
by Chris Carter January 28, 2005
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The name of a lady or man set on reaching the highest point in life, also an acronym for Miss/Mister, Incredible, Zeal miz
Mercy worked hard and she made it in life
Mercy is a miz
by Officialmiz_m November 14, 2018
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Reality star turned WWE Champion, Cleaveland, Ohio's Mike "The Miz" Mizanin contested WWE tough enough and finished 2nd. His hard work has earned his tag team and singles Gold and now the chikc magnet is WWE champion and the top heel personaltiy in the entire company.

He is the Miz....and he is awesome.
The Miz with his signature manouvre, the skull crushing finale.

"I'm The Miz...and I'm.....AWESOME!"

The Miz is the most must-see champion in WWE history.
by April 29, 2011
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talentless, bad dressing, reality tv douche who became a glorified jobber with the WWE after losing to Daniel Puder on the last Tough Enough. Enjoys going down on his bosses and funyuns. faux hawks and bad music are his vices.
"Man, you're a Miz!" ="Man, you're an idiot!"

"I gotta take a Miz!" = "I gotta take a shit!"
by El Libertine March 21, 2010
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Noun. Female with abnormally large, powerful hands. Adjective: Mizish
Look at the size of her fingers! She's such a Miz.

Did you see Lisa crush that walnut with her bare hands?! She's so Mizish!
by msmizmizrahi June 19, 2010
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