to be miserable or one who is miserble.
-That chick is so miz.
-Girlfriends can be miz
-Don't be miz!
by Chris Carter January 28, 2005
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a dancing mexican alcoholic from roslindale, mass
" how bout that "
by jerry shubert March 24, 2004
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To be in a blissful state, to be in love or to be blinded by love.
Shes mized by that boy. Man shes in mad miz.
by Meg April 17, 2005
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lets smoke a miz

lets go buy a miz

lets cop a miz
by tknm123 October 5, 2010
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The sweetest guy in the whole world. He lives in Chattanooga and is my favorite person in the whole world.
Miz you are so awesome! I love you!
by Megan May 14, 2004
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The Miz is an ERW Talent, Miz teamed up with John Morrison to win the ERW Tag team Championships, Miz would defeat Steven Skullz to become ERW World Champion, even though the Ref was bias towards Steven, Miz won with a skull crushing finale. Miz would go on to be the longest reigning ERW World Champion in history, Miz would later lose the title, but win the Orbital Championship from Kenny Kingston, in the process retiring him. Miz was not seen after that and vacanted his title. The Miz recently returned and will be facing Montez Ford, Jimmy Uso & Triple Johnny for the ERW World championship at ERW BACKLASH!
Person 1: Bro The Miz challenged The ERW World champ to a match!
Person 2: Sick!
by "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt May 21, 2021
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Pro Wrestler that wrestles for the WWE. Is a 8-time Intercontinental Champion. Cheats. Steals. Lies. Has been in multiple movies. Referred to as the A-Lister.
by ThatOneKid_05 February 5, 2018
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