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A mixed drink is an alcoholic beverage containing one or more types of hard liquor mixed (hence the origin of the term) with non-alcoholic beverages or other flavoring ingredients known as mixers. These mixtures range from simple (two ingredients) to very complex. It is usually done for the sake of making the drink taste more appealing (and less like straight alcohol).

May also be called a cocktail.
My favorite mixed drink is the Screwdriver; half orange juice, half vodka.
by JohnG307 July 08, 2007
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possibly the um...coolest thing ever. i think yes
me and my homek are gonna get us some mixed drinks wen we club it up in MEXICO heck yes
by douche#! November 18, 2004
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It's when a large amount of semen is mixed in a large amount of breast milk in a large cup.
A Mixed Drink is when three guys masturbates on a cup and three hot busty chicks lactates lots of semen and breast milk on the cup at the same time. They play a game together
to see who gets to drink it, one chick lost and drinks it. Shes says its bittersweet.
by bobthh April 12, 2009
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1) The result of ejaculating onto a lactating girl's breasts.

2) The combination of seminal fluid and breast milk.
I busted a nut on her tits, she squeezed out some leche, and we had ourselves a mixed drink.
by Coop R. March 09, 2009
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