5 definitions by don samson

A charged up group of bullish shoppers that stampede through the doors of a store to grab every sale item in sight...
Wal Mart has decided to issue wristbands for entry into their stores on Black Friday to avoid tragic and fatal trampedes by ruthless and pushy shoppers.
by don samson December 5, 2009
used to denote anal sex
Theresa lets her lovers know that a fancy dinner does not impress her as much as spam in the can!
by don samson December 4, 2009
Activities by an enraged golfer's wife towards her unfaithful husband which may include smashing out the windows of his SUV with his golf clubs.
APPLICATION: The Cheerful Henderson's were advised by a boiling Mrs. Woods that "Tiger Had Ruined Thanksgiving" and that they should come for dessert only after the club scene had passed.
by don samson December 5, 2009
A person that spends excessive self love time in front of the mirror posing with their blackberry and taking pics!
Have you seen Elle's profile pictures yet on Facebook? The consensus by everyone is that she is a cosmo not!
by don samson December 1, 2009
DEFINITION: When you aren't paying attention and accidentally text a sexually suggestive message (sext) to the wrong person on your blackberry!
APPLICATION: John was called into his boss's office this afternoon for a warning because of sending mixed messages to the mailroom department.
by don samson December 3, 2009