Sign of total frustration. Someone who just gives up.
Oh chihuahua-chihuahua, I cannot do it. I cannot make another stupid wasted call to try and sell this hammer.
by chase oliver June 9, 2008
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The most dangerous enemy is the one you don't fear.
by Liloo February 8, 2005
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A big eared, small body type, animal. It has dog in it, but is also mixed with Short Haired foxes and go through different modes: Shark Mode, Spider Mode, Lick Lick Monster Mode, and Dumbo mode. They have specialized minds where they send thoughts to humans in either Mexican or hillbilly voices.
Lick Lick Mode: When they lick everything around them
Shark Mode: Go on a evil rampage and attack human hands
Spider Mode: When they jump up and stand on their back legs and fight something.
Dumbo Mode: When they jump so high it seems they are flying with their oversized ears.

Different Chihuahuas vary.
by Chico the Chihuahua October 24, 2009
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a demon dog that will attack you
kid 1 : i fed my chihuahua
kid 2 : what happened?
kid 1 : my chihuahua attacked me
by SumRandumNibba June 7, 2019
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A small normally friendly dog, speculated to have descended from an elder species somewhere in mexico
Come on chico! Good chihuahua!
by captain wiggly January 24, 2004
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A person very short, yet feisty and intimidating
Joe is such a chihuahua! Even though he’s a foot shorter than me, he’s still pretty scary.
by I_Am_Bored🙃 May 25, 2021
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the smallest breed of dog, first bred in Mexico
Ren Hoek is on pissed off chihuahua
by meh June 16, 2006
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