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A name of a boy, usually of Greek decent. A common nickname is Shay. He will most likely be hilarious, abnormally attractive, artistic, and although he may think he's an asshole; he will have the biggest heart. Shayden's are probably the most trustworthy people, and you can tell them anything. If involved in a fight, they will not harm or hurt the other person to prevent starting unnecessary drama. They usually have a hard time concentrating yet they specialize in common sense.

Shayden's will do anything for the people that they love, and they will help anyone who's not an annoying douche. Once you know a Shayden, your life will only get better from here on out. They also commonly use pet names. Did I mention that they're super hot?
Person 1: "I love you Shayden, my sugar dumpling muffin baby pumpkin pie!"

Shayden: "I love you too my hunny buns, shnookem bear sugar plum of love!"
by charbarrr February 23, 2009
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Shayden is a name of someone who looks like a sociopathic lizard. Tho this is true he likes talking about nazis and how he is German, which is conserning. He also should be awarded as the most likely to be a school shooter.
Juliana-who is that? Kacey-that’s shayden watch out for him bud!
by I will slap you bitch April 24, 2019
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Shaydens are gorgeous, funny, outgoing, and rude especially if they don’t like you. They tend to say fight me a lot even tho they will only fight if they have to. They are typically girl names. Also, they are amazing at sports like basketball, cheer, and soccer. They are usually Mexican.
Damn did u see that girl walk past she has a nice ass and titties. She must be a Shayden.
by coccashay April 13, 2018
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tallest person ever he acts like he likes girls but deep down likes dick
by Bigguy99 February 14, 2017
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She didn’t are usually nice outgoing funny lovable rude and gorgeous people. They tend to say fight me why even though they won’t fight anyone unless they have to. They love sports like basketball cheer and soccer. They also usually have a big butt and titties. Did I mention....They are also really tall?
Damn that girl has a big ass and nice titties. She must be a Shayden
by coccashay April 13, 2018
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