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to utterly twink out beyond the necessary bounds of twinking out; to use rp to further twink an already maximally mechanically twinked out character

(from: maximum interest relies on nerfing)
β€œI already have the best gear on the shard, but I totally need to miron this shit out.”

β€œI mean it's pretty good, but it's not like miron'd...”
by pixigoboom September 27, 2011
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A great, strong man with honor and character who was raised by bears and tigers. Miron is a wise, funny gentleman that cares for those close to his heart. He has the body of an Olympian and the mind of a scholar. Miron enjoys the company of medium to large sized dogs while embracing the great outdoors. People who are fortunate enough to encounter a Miron in their life cherish his company. This was not written by Miron
Miron is a wonderful guy, this bbq would be so much better if Miron was here.
by BearTiger February 28, 2019
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De-wrinkling your clothes by using a laundry dryer. The way a Man IRONs.
I always miron my shirt before I go to work.
by Edmund June 02, 2005
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A name traditionally given to upper class Russians, Mirons are hard to come by. A single meeting with a Miron will likely load your pockets with money. A Miron is strong, good-looking and of decent intelligence, they usually value one's money above their skill.
Russian girl: I saw a Miron in Moscow the other night!
by AtomicDictionary June 12, 2019
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