I'm Minnesota nice. When I'm angry at someone, I don't let them know. I just smile pleasantly to his or her face and then proceed to talk about them behind their back. I will most likely hold a grudge too.
by L.L.H. December 3, 2006
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1.Typically confused with being extremely caring, helpful and pleasant. Being from the area, I know it REALLY means that a Minnesotan won't slam you to your face - they do it behind your back so as to APPEAR nice.

2. Back stabbing
Describing your girlfriend as a slut to one of your best friends is considered Minnesota nice.
by Bomni February 9, 2005
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Minnesota Nice is what you would call someone from minnesota who goes out of their way to be too nice. Even in a situation where they could be justified in being angry and upset they will still remain pleasant. Usually used in a sentence cynically to describe someone who was the exact opposite.
"... wow, he isn't exactly 'minnesota nice'. He shouldn't be so rude."
by Justncase80 July 7, 2004
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Used to really mean genuinely nice, open, thoughtful and caring. Politically progressive, socially aware, doing for others, wanting to learn about other people and cultures.

I came to Minnesota 30 years ago, from New York City, where I grew up. New Yorkers aren't rude, we are just honest and efficient. I had had problems with passive aggressive people from other places who were "nice" to your face and back stabbing. So I was naturally leery of these Minnesota people. But no, they were really nice.

But things have been changing, even here. It is very sad to an aging peace/love hippie idealist. Still lots of cool folks though. Cool, like the weather.
When my new neighbor asked about my ethnic background, I thought she was prejudiced, but she was just being Minnesota nice and wanted to learn more about me.

I think a lot of Minnesota nice originated with the Scandanavian social customs and the need to pull together to survive the harsh winters during pioneer times.

Our late Senator Paul Wellstone was being Minnesota nice when he said "We all do better when we all do better."
by DoctorAndie September 9, 2010
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Fake, phony pretense of niceness toward someone for the purpose of avoiding confrontation or conflict but then proceeding to use sneaky, dirty, backstabbing tactics to attack the person behind their back. I grew up in other cities in the Midwest, where people were open and honest about disagreements and expressed them readily but then often remained friendly and respectful and "agreed to disagree." Here in Minnesota, where I have spent almost all of my adult life, I've never gotten used to the venomous subterfuge and lying hidden under a thick layer of phony "nice."
Until all the reports came out exposing cyclist Lance Armstrong's dark side, he had everyone convinced he was all Minnesota Nice.
by Lexicographer Luthor February 23, 2015
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To have a kind demeanor on the surface but in reality this person is plotting evil and plans on ruining your life for the betterment of themselves
"Hey bro...I asked my boss for a raise and he said we can discuss it more next week. I am excited!"
"Be careful man...that guy is a dick...he is just being Minnesota Nice to you...if your dog ends up murdered don't be surprised..."
by Truthdoctor November 25, 2014
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A used by rude, "me first", and backstabbing people to convince others how nice they're supposed to be.

Someone who's generally the opposite of what they're trying to sell themselves as. A phony.
"What's wrong with you, can't you see how Minnesota NICE we are?"

That cunt slipped her way to the front of the line, in true Minnesota Nice fashion.
by wordsy54 July 19, 2008
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