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verb: when people are about to say something then all of a sudden they say "never mind" or "nvm" or "nothing" or "i shouldn't tell you" once they say they need to tell you something or they're about to say something. This often pisses people off because they expect something but the person gives up on saying it. Also, people could be saying this just to catch attention so it does in fact get annoying because the attention you're getting is the "you piss people off" attention. Minev is derived from the "mind" in "nevermind" which the "min" in "mind" goes in to minev. and never is added to the end.
Shelly (9:38:02 PM): did i tell you about eddie ?
Panda(9:38:14 PM): naw
Shelly (9:39:29 PM): hahaha
Shelly (9:39:47 PM): i feel bad
Panda(9:45:47 PM): wassup?
Panda(9:45:49 PM): ?
Panda(9:45:51 PM): well what were you gonna tell me
Panda(9:45:52 PM): about him
Shelly (9:46:02 PM): mm nevermind

I deleted some of the stuff we said in the middle, but it was a really long conversation as you can tell from the time. All of a sudden, she changes her mind...why does she have to minev me?
by pandaboyx August 30, 2009
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