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Coolest guy in the world, normally likes light blue. Liked by everyone. Proud of himself for everything. Also great at dancing.
I wish I could be like Saleem.
by Saleem January 06, 2017
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Saleem is a name for a Arabic baby and also means Peceful
You are very Saleemish today
by RainyYT October 28, 2015
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A really cool dude who gets many women. He is an unstoppable force, who is peaceful, inside of his own bubble. His only weakness is a nice full beautiful buttox covered in chocolate syrup with cool whip on top. Cherries are nice too.
Woman-Oh that guy is such a saleem. I wish I could be with him.
Woman2- Well, you can't cause you have a flattty. And I can't because I'm allergic to chocolate and just down right ugly.
Woman3- Mmm well i have cherries, chocolate syrup and cool whip in my me get alll on that!
by Scramboogiethefinest May 30, 2009
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Saleem is a very handsome dude that all girls want to have sex with except those la Roman girls. He is very athletic (kinda) and is also extremely intelligent. Unfortunately, he loves to kill people for fun. He is also a very likeable person
Person 1-"Hey, you know Saleem."
Person 2-"Yeah, he's a fucking cunt."
by 426826352819 October 04, 2018
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