A very nice dude, with a cool, chill personality. Auden isn't a snitch, and is cool in every way. He is extremely attractive, and is very social. He can start a conversation in seconds, and brings a very good laugh. He has a good sense of humor, and is lit af. Auden is basically another form of God, but with a big dick.
Wow, Auden is the best! I wish I was like Auden!!!
by Memer :/ January 17, 2019
The goat in general, the loyalest person you could know, smart,the best person to be around.
Is that " Auden " dang she look bad.
by Welovenames November 24, 2021
a smart loving girl who loves every one!when she walks into the room she will brighten your day!she also has a great sense of fashion,if you are colin you are a great match with auden!auden is also a very sexy girl.
1.wow Auden you got a nice dress!
2.you always brighten my day with your smile!
by I love playing out side! February 4, 2017
A Auden Is the most clever, creative,kindest person I know. He will make you smile just by looking at him. Super hot with his broad shoulders. The best kisser. With his down to the shoulder brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes and perfect frame. I don’t think I would change anything about a Auden. Other than to add to his family one day.
by Angel house March 21, 2022
She is the goat in general.. your man love to be around Auden. Auden doesn't have lots of friends is very emotional and doesn't take sh*t from anyone she says what is ever on her mind. Auden could pull both genders but rather be with boys cause that's not the way she moves and of course shes the loyalist in her state.
Hazel : isn't that Auden... we haven't talked since 5th grade.
Gabbi: She doesn't wanna talk to you hunnie she f*cks with no one.
by Welovenames December 3, 2021
a wonderful son, great personality, will go far in life, handsome man, beautiful smile, rare and precious, a joy to be around, inspirational...
Auden sure is a handsome boy
by Mommameeya February 4, 2010