I left my car door open, and someone deeboed my CD player and ray-bans.
by ricky roma November 24, 2003
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to steal.

derived from the conniving ways of "Deebo," a character in the movie "Friday."

Why you deebo my college application, homie?
by la chica snowflake December 5, 2006
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to swoe, own, pwn, punk, beat, or show up a person
did you see the fight in the cafeteria? mike got deebo'd!
by Norristonian April 29, 2004
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a slang term to steal or take.used among gangs and prostitutes.
"girl i hate that whore stella!"
"but why?"
"she deeboed my man"
by sofie gurll August 22, 2009
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named after the character in ice cube's movie Friday, deebo is an adjective describing something fresh enough to be jacked by someone.
Girl: Do you like my leather boots? They're new.

Boy: Yeah, they're deebo. Better take them off before we go out.
by blowmymind September 5, 2009
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Deebo is meant as a claim of ownership. Deebo expires upon loss thereof.

1. Deebo cannot be claimed behind your “Deebo rival’s” back. When being competed for, rival must witness Deebo.

2. Deebo exercises no prejudice. Deebo is simply, first claimed; first served.

3. Deebo action amongst friends is similar to borrowing, whereas Deebo action from Wal-Mart is similar to stealing.

4. Anything unattended is subject to Deebo. Once claimed, Deebo is in effect until left unattended again.

5. Repot is the act of reclaiming Deebo from the Deebor by the Deeboee whom has been Deeboed from.

Temporary Deebo

A Deebo is temporary when the item being Deeboed will be given up afterward, or is not a physical possession. Examples are:

Front seat privileges in a car ride. If you claim Deebo on the front seat, or Deebo Driver, you lose your Deebo once you get out, and thus it is subject to Deebo for the first one to claim.

First chance at doing or receiving, etc. For example, the first to pick or chose, or the first in rotation.

Permanent Deebo

A Deebo is permanent when the item being Deeboed is consumed entirely, or becomes inaccessible to others. Examples are as follows:

Unattended food. Any un-eaten food is subject to Deebo. Food in the fridge is also subject to Deebo. Ypu may claim Deebo if the posessor of food is finished, and is about to discard the leftovers

Unattended money in a public area. If you find a coin on the ground, it is subject to Deebo for the first person to claim.

Articles of clothing. If one leaves an article of clothing at your residence, it is subject to deebo until the original claimant returns, or observes the article of clothing in your posession.

Unattended cigarettes left burning in the ash tray. A half smoked cigarette, put out early. a.k.a. Ro-neece butts!

Public Defined

Public areas are anywhere considered public in general. Examples are a sidewalk, the street, In a building or on the floor of a public area.

An ash tray is generally a public area.

Private Defined

Private areas are ones place of residence, ones vehicle, or on ones person.

In some scenarios there are public places within private areas such as like a cupholder in a car. also an ashtray on a living room table would be considered public

1. To an extent if you were uninvited, you would have access to items that will remain in tact at the residents. examples: remote, phone, tv, etc..

2. Now if you were invited to the same house you would have more area to consider public, eg. an entire living room, invited persons would have access to consumeable items such as cigarettes, soda, and teepee.

Original Claimant Defined

The original claimant is the one who claimed Deebo on an item first


Un Deebo is the exercise of the original claimant repossessing Deebo. For example, if one leaves an item at another’s residence and leaves, the resident can claim Deebo. But if the original owner of the item returns, and sees the item unattended, he thus can claim un-deebo

Deebo Debt

When someone loses or destroys something under your Deebo possession, they are then in Deebo debt until the original claimant is compensated.


Repot is the is the ultimate Deebo, that cannot be overridden. It is the last say, keeping Deebo in check. It keeps Deebo from being abused. One cannot claim Repot for "no reason" They must have just cause to claim repot. Once item is repot'd it is no longer subject to deebo law.
Deebo front seat! (in a car). "Hey man, let me deebo a cigarette"
"Deebo on loose change!"
"Yo, i deeboed your cd because you left it in my car"
by Miles Fox February 5, 2004
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