a white guy with a surprisingly large dick that is kinda black
Person 1 - Yo, what is in that dudes pants! A fucking fire hose!

Person 2 - Nah dude... he is just a mimpsy :/

Person 1(again) - Yay you're probably right LoL

Mimsy is a white dude with a huge dick that is black
by you wish you know boiii November 24, 2015
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A "mimsy" is a person of questionable mental capacity or a person who make poor logical decisions

Named after the popular television character Mimsy form the South park series
That kid is such a Mimsy

National Mimsy day is the 24th of feb
by Lord lid February 18, 2021
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A charming, feminine woman that's glad she's a woman. The opposite of a third wave feminist.
I'm so relieved that my girlfriend is a Mimsy.
by mimimarceau April 21, 2019
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Generally used to describe someone who seems to be showing signs of either mental retardation or severe stupidity and may need medieval assistance.
What? You ate your own homework? Stupid mimsy!
by MasterSkeetman April 03, 2017
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