Home-made artificial vagina.

Making a wanking aid out of household objects, such as a child's armband under a sofa cushion, or your sister's guinea pig wrapped in tape to avoid it splitting.
Get me some tape, I'm going to make a squeaking mimsy
by Youwerewrongedgy March 24, 2011
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1) To be having so much fun that you don't care what is going on.

2)To just be really damn cool.

3)To do the robot to a Turf-Talk song, in front of random people just so that you can get some laughs.
1) Damn homie, I was getting so MIMSY at prom!

2) I just noticed how MIMSY that Jeff is.

3) I can't believe how tight JQ and Jeffrey are! They got so MIMSY at Convention for no reason!
by Fresh 2 Jeff May 30, 2006
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the last full cracker in a cracker box. In most cases, it is surrounded by broken crackers and crums.
YES!!! i found the last mimsy at the botton of my cheez-itz box.
by nate simon January 15, 2008
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Mimsy is a term of affection used for your mother

also spelled "Mimzy" or sometimes just "Mims"
Oh I'd love to go to the Hamptons, Norman, but I'll have to consult my Mimsy first.
by JFresh December 15, 2005
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An friend either made of air or some sort of cuddly toy you see as a good friend.
If you vote for me, I'll show you my mimsy.

My mimsy is extremely friendly.

My mimsy likes you.

Let me just run that past my mimsy.
by Shez March 08, 2005
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A mimsy is a bald headed stupid ass little bitch with no life that sucks everyones cock to keep his position

Synonyms: retard,autistic, gay ass, faggot'

I hope his family burns in hell because his generations down the line will have autism and down syndrome.
Shut up mimsy you dumb bitch ass. -SlimseyChomper (AKA the guy who has a bigger cock.)
By the way mimsy, I fucked your mom and ill be fucking every girl you meet because my cock is BIGGER bitch.
"No one wants to be a Mimsy"
via giphy
by YoMommaGae56777 September 28, 2019
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A suber sezzy girl who is the current fixation of Jeje :D <3
Mimsy stabbed her one eyed teddy bear while adorned in pink floofy frills.
by Sachi January 28, 2004
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