Descending from the snooker player Robert, 'Milkins' is used to describe something that is of great joy or when a high level of skill is used. Only created in the past year 'Milkins' has quickly spread around the Edinburgh and surrounding areas, particularly the WOL and ELBA.
"That goal was Milkins"
by Dean Thomson July 25, 2006
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An expression used to highlight something which is good.
"This sticky ganja is milkins."
by Ross Douglas July 19, 2006
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to stretch something out for a long time, get the most out of it
Person 1: Yo, malves is flirting with some girl in front of his crazy ex
Person 2: Yea, he's milkin' it
Person 1: Word
by MattTheFatt February 16, 2009
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-The action of someone who wastes the whole day away and attempts to blame it on a "hangover", although they may not have consumed enough alcohol the night before for this to be possible.

-To waste time (yours/others) or draw attention to something in a rather shameless way, inaccurately justified by false excuses.
He said he had so much to do today, but all he did was visit his Gran for an hour. He's really milkin-it today.

Kyle milked it all day on Sunday.

The only thing he did was wake up to cut the lawn at 3:00 P.M and went right back to bed. The kid just milked it.
by Notorious V.I.G. September 30, 2011
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1. When milk comes out of one's breast
2. When the milk flows out of the cup
1. That cow just milkinized
2. It milkinized
by Myles07 June 13, 2022
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verb (v) - To violently milk; to milk the countryside with milk!
Billy Bob Joe bob enjoy drowning asian kids in milk!
by Ni-No-Mo-No March 19, 2003
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(V) To Relax, To Enjoy, Unwine, Loosen Up. Be Calm. To Chill Out (Slang).
by Jacob.C.R December 4, 2008
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