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a fart that's the result of lactose intolerance -- the lactose sugars can't be digested, and end up causing the sufferer to fart, and the resulting gas comes out smelling literally like sour milk (since the body can't break it down).
I have to have my cereal with soy milk instead of real milk - otherwise, i end up with cramps and wicked milk farts. it's awful.
by J Russell Finch January 27, 2009
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A fart that travels through a turd before exiting the ass, creating a very pungent aroma. A milk fart will occur in the few hours leading up to a bowel movement, as the turds have made their way close to the butthole, creating the filter that your gas will pass through on it's way out.
"Damn.. that bitch Brenda just laid out a milk fart, I'm fucking nautious."
by djmoosenuts August 23, 2011
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A very watery, bubbly flatulation that reminds one of blowing bubbles in milk. One may have to wipe after said fart.
Dude 1: *Riiiiipppp* Oh, yeah!
Dude 2: Man that was a milk fart.
Dude 1: I know. I think I need to check my shorts.
by wareaglealum May 28, 2006
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