a joke name like mike hunt, when said it sounds similar to the phrase "my cock's long"
person a) hey put a call out for Mike Oxlong
person b) Mike Oxlong, call for Mike Oxlong
by tallnick June 8, 2006
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mike oxlong
mike oxlong
by mike oxisrallylong March 28, 2023
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Mike Oxlong! Mike Oxlong! Your order is ready!
by BigSmoke40 November 20, 2020
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A meme on the Internet. Of you break it down, Mike Oxlong basically is a meme version of My Cock's Long
Hey, Mike Oxlong!
by Tr45h June 9, 2022
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These names are plays on words to get gullible folks to say "My Cock's Small" or "My Cock's Long." Either one works on a fool.
*Mike Oxmall can also be spelled "Mike Oxsmall for more subtlety.
Chad: Oi mate, I changed my name to Mike Oxmall.
Bradley: Hi, Mike Oxmall.
Chad: You muppet.
Bradley: What?
Chad: Mike Oxmall/Mike Oxlong
by Dickhead McDoucheface July 26, 2019
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