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Never even THINK of searching that shit up! It is very 18+, very unspeakable, inappropriate as fuck, it is some very hentai things, and you shoukd never even THINK about it
P1: dude 177013 is fucking awesome
P2: you better leave my sight before I call the police to report a murder
by Tr45h June 7, 2022
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A subject of numbers. The easiest thing in elementary school, and it will become a solitary confinement torture in High school. The basics, plus minus decide multiply percentage time and fractions are needed, while the rest would be deemed useless after the end of your time at school.
Math is the worst
by Tr45h May 20, 2022
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Something you tell your friend who is online on social media and/or video games for too long. It can also be an insult.
You've been online for too long, go outside and touch grass.
by Tr45h May 22, 2022
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The fast part of from Eminem's 2013 song, Rap God. It was the fastest verse in the rap game until Godzilla.
by Tr45h June 17, 2022
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The motto in the 2002 movie, 8 Mile. Tge motto of Eminem's gang, Three-One-Third(313), "Fuck the Free World"
From '8 Mile'
And Wink did fuck my girl, and I'm stilk standing here screaming Fuck the Free World!
by Tr45h June 14, 2022
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A meme on the Internet. Of you break it down, Mike Oxlong basically is a meme version of My Cock's Long
Hey, Mike Oxlong!
by Tr45h June 9, 2022
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A fat disgusting piece of rotting basement person who wants to have sex with an animal
Zoophile: Wow I love your cat. I wish I could just fuck her

Me: you fucking zoophile get the fuck out of my house before I stab you to death
by Tr45h October 6, 2022
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