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Bill started choking on one of his Mike and Ikes, so I stole the box of them out of his hand and ran off.
by Rastablowtorch September 03, 2005
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The best damn candy in the world.They come in many dfferent colors.

Fred-"Dude I am gonna be sick I think I ate one to many boxes"


Fred-**PUKES all over George**
by ClanaLuver December 08, 2008
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a set of names that a male can use while reffering to his tesicles instead of using the actual term. also known as mary-kate and ashley, ying and yang, or tweetledum and tweetledee
1. dude, he just balltapped me right in my mike and ike!
2. hey sexy, wanna go to my bedroom so i can introduce you to mike and ike.
3. i fell in between my legs on a pole, i think mike is okay but ike is still trying to breath
by nickerbocker January 15, 2006
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This is a very rare occurrence. It happens when you and your partner (male x female) have sex while eating mike and ikes. You guys are trying to have kids, so you don't use a condom. Later, you guys go to the doctor, and they tell you you're going to have two twin boys. Naturally, you name one Mike and one Ike because the fucking urban dictionary definitions are good. See idiot. Why any fucktard would have two twin boys named Mike and Ike confuses me out of my fucking skull, but it's an option i guess.
this pains me deeply, but i'll try and give an example.
Dr. Smith: Good news! You will be having two lovely twin boys.
Jenny: What should we name them?
Greg: Hmm... How about Mike and Ike?
Jenny: Those are such nice names!
Greg: *realizes he's retarded because he just pulled a mike and ike*
Greg: Thanks!
okay, now i can just sit here, slowly rot away, and pay dearly for what i've done to this world.
by 508gang June 30, 2017
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