Mieke is a smart and bad ass girl who doesn't take shit from other people. She will not put up with peoples crap, and is one of the realest people out there. Many people are intimidated by her but once they get to know her they will love her. She is cute in her own way and finds a way to stand out in a crowd Mieke is a very rare girl and if you know one you are lucky.
person 1: wow! that girl is absurd but I think she might be too good for me
person 2: come on man, she's Mieke, shes out of everyone's league
by joe from the tri state area December 26, 2019
Mieke is the girl of every guy's dream. She has a rocking body with a fine ass and a wonderful smile. She is the hybrid of a hot rockstar and a nerd. She has perfect skin and her smile lights up the world. Every day I see her, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. She has everything and IS my everything. There's no one that can compare to her.

She's the girl i'm in love with.
Damn Mieke is so hot
by Legion739 November 18, 2015
She is pure in heart , she is beautiful assertive person . Always a good friend and is a great girlfriend . She follows her heart . Every time you see her she smile

. She knows how to party
*girl smile*
Guy: That is a Mieke
by Tihan September 16, 2017
Mieke is one of the best people you will ever know. She has beautiful eyes and a gorgeous smile.She most definitely likes frogs and does take shit from anybody. A Mieke is a very disorganized person who leaves her studying/projects/homework till the last minute. You are VERY lucky if you so much as get the chance to get to say one word to a Mieke so take care of her. Mieke is the most gorgeous person on planet Earth and has a perfect body and everything about her will amaze you.
A: Sheeeeesh who is that gorgeous thing of a girl
B: Oh that's Mieke, she's honestly perfect.
by LM1230 April 12, 2021
A fun person, always their for her friends. Knows when to ignore big lies and liers.
Lets party like a Mieke
by Heather March 12, 2005
A loving, friendly sidekick who will always be there when you need them. Korgs partner in crime and also just an absolute legend! Someone who loves pepperoni pizza 🍕 and hates noobmaster69 because they are not nice!
Hi I’m korg this is miek and we’re kinda the leaders around here
by Miekandkorg4life January 28, 2021
A crazy musically talented person. Someone who is so talented musically, Juilliard is trying to kidnap them.
Irrelevant Person: "Yo, how many instruments do you play guuuuuurl?"

Girl: "Oh lol, iono, just 7 and I compose symphonies in my spare time..."

Irrelevant Person: "Oh SHIT! Yo must be Mieke!"
by 4frm ur poop August 2, 2011