1. An induvidual who specialises in the procurment of illict produce, and characterised by the devotion to the concept of minimal profit for maximal effort. Often associated with degen types.
Conal McKone: "Hey I need a tacktack yo"
Gerald Benson: "Go see Middleman he will sort you out!"
Middleman: CHUR
by ffmmmmfmm September 26, 2005
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Used in social situations, which a person tries to gain control by telling another person, information about another. Basically B tells A about C, or vice versa. The goal is to confuse the two, so that B will gain the upper hand in the social context, whether gaining approval or be seen as "cool"
Avoid them at all costs!
Also, to be used on who they think are "suckers" or to "gauge" or "test" for gullibility. Can anyone say Manipulator?!
B: "Hey, Lisa's having a birthday, you should come!"
C: (thinking to herself, why didn't A just invite me THEN?)
Really? Well, I don't really know her that well.
B: She'd want you there, really.
(At the birthday)
A: Oh hey C. (surprised expression)
B: Hey, I heard from B it was your birthday!
C: (thinking to herself, hehe i was the middleman...suckers)
by ialreadyknowclueless August 13, 2010
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Also known as the Double Adapter , this is the man in the middle of a gay threesome.
My boyfriend and I picked up this flammer last night ,Sidney, and we used him as the middleman.
by roodboy August 26, 2007
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A bisexual man who helps to pass semen from his boyfriend into the vagina of a woman wanting to be insemenated by the strictly gay male.
He does this by giving his boyfriend a blowjob and spitting the contents of his mouth into the womans open vagina.
My boyfriend played middleman last night between me and that horny chick.
by roodboy August 26, 2007
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The middleman is the provider who buys from the producer of products to gain a product; not directly from the company that created it rather than just someone else selling the items they bought from the producers/company.
On Aliexpress if you are from the US and are buying products through Aliexpress you're cutting off the middleman.
by Dreameater August 17, 2016
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A Hacker On Omegle who is in the middle of two conversations, you may never hear or know he is there until he talks, hes always watching.
Me: Did you hear the middleman speak just now?
Stranger: No i dont hear anyone?
by omeglelul October 25, 2020
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To flip one the bird, usually from a fired worker to their superior as a last "fuck you". More emphasis on one's extreme hate can be expressed by using both hands.
John: My boss fired me today, right in front of everyone.

Mike: Shit, man! What did you do?

John: I gave him the middleman's salute and got the hell out.

Mike: Pwnage.
by Twyzted Snake April 14, 2009
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