when a girl (or a fat guy with manboobs) lifts up her shirt and places her exposed boobs over someone's head, making that person seem to be wearing micky mouse ears.
by phobioid January 30, 2012
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The shape made by the hairline in a certain type of male pattern baldness, where two big circles have eaten into the hairline at the temples. This gives the hairline the shape of a set of mickey mouse ears.
Boy, Joe needs to shave his head. Those mickey mouse ears are getting horrendous. If they get any bigger, they'll amalgamate to form a jim from neighbours island.
by drzygote June 1, 2007
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when a large chested woman is wears a black shirt and places her breasts on your head.
by Ride4CwB March 8, 2005
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When a girl wears hoop earrings so large, you can pull them back and use them as handles when you're fucking her doggy style.
The guy Shanequa brought home from the club promised to take her and her 8 kids to Disneyland, but all he ended up doing was fucking her doggy style, taking those big ass hoop earrings she wore, and giving her Mickey Mouse Ears.
by KDUBAKAKZA June 22, 2011
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The two flashing light on top of a police car(see also gumball and party hat).
When He noticed the Mickey Mouse ears on the car ahead of him he slowed down.
by Light Joker August 27, 2004
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Slang term for over-ear hearing protection. Often used in the US Armed Forces.
Damnit Carl, put on the fucking Mickey Mouse ears or you're gonna go deaf!

by 'WolfMyer' August 8, 2019
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