An amazing guy that attracts all the ladies. Very handsome and has an enormous cock 50.686 inches. He is very athletic and no one should get in a fight with him unless that certain person is Chuck Norris. He is a beast in bed and will always protect his loved ones. Vicente is a really nice guy
Vicente is so hot , did you see him hanging out with Chuck Norris the other day ?
by 95894803 January 10, 2016
Super funny guy. Really tall. Massive cock and balls, just enormous. Not racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. Beast in bed. Not gay, really straight, loves women. Super fucking sexy. Stylish. Team player. People's person. Thinks outside the box. Really good with animals and plants. Gentle, but can be a beast in bed. Good at sex. All around good guy.
Girl 1: Vicente is so fucking sexy, I want to fuck him so bad.

Girl 2: I know right! He's so dreamy and hot!

Girl 3: What a baddie 🥵
by trustworthyuser August 21, 2021
A sexy mother fucking Omni-God fun that if fun to be around with. This piece of shit can make people around him to laugh and relax. He charms the ladies and get into their pants like it’s nothing. Also he doesn’t pay you back.
Dude: Bro, did you see Vicente today?
Dude 2: No, why?
Dude: He’s fucking a body pillow
by Big tits5558888 June 2, 2020
Awsome guy. Fun, Musicly talented and one of the nicest persons ever.
That guy is really nice.

Oh his name is Vicente
by thatonerandomgirl August 22, 2009
1. To be extremely tall

2. Sucks his girl toes when needed

3. Wears comfortable clothes

4. Speaks loud and clear for everyone to hear

5. Has sweaty balls
Guy 1: hey bro , my balls are kinda hot

Guy 2: bro me too, I feel like Vicente

Girl 1: hey how was seeing Vicente last night

Girl 2: good , he sucked my toes because I needed it
by 75%mexican July 8, 2019
Well he's a nice guy 😜, smart, handsome and he also have a attractive 👀 eyes. He is very charming when he smiles 😜😊. Btw I MISS HIM HUHUHU
Vicente is a nice guy, and I like him
by He's gorl since 2016 October 20, 2021
Man who doesnt like corn in his face.
Vicente, Get that corn outa my face!!
by LORY August 5, 2019