Like a metric assload, a metric shit ton is exactly 204.62262 pounds more than a shit ton.
"ph33r! Dr. Eccles gave us a metric shit ton of homework."
"Crapping Christ, I've got a metric shit ton of bitches to call tonight."
by pinano July 9, 2004
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A shitload of something. Added as a new unit of the metric system in 2011. True story.
we saw a metric shit ton of wine last night haha
no kidding
in the guys basement
he had at least 10 containers of wine
each one holds about 750 litres
by snuffaluffasaur August 14, 2011
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A shitload is alot, so a shit-ton must be alot more, no? And the metric, well, the metric system is just badass so I think thats self explanatory
When I started my car, it let out a metric shit-ton of smoke.
by the_steve June 20, 2005
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a unit of measure, usually about a work load
used to legitimize the obscene suggestion that there is a "ton" of work
to use the metric system emphasizes the sheer mass of the workload
Mike: so, u wanna hang out?
Chris: can't. i have a metric shit-ton of homework
Mike: that much? damn.
by bballbro222 February 27, 2011
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a measurement made popular by yogscast sips. This metric measurement is approximately 609.420 kg. the unit of measurement is mainly used to describe one unit of dirt ( which is one metric shit ton).
Guy one: we have to haul this metric shit ton by tomorrow

Guy two: why don't you just call it a unit?
Guy one: because I can!
by berbebad February 13, 2015
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The weight of the titanic or another object of similar mass. ie. 52,310 tons
Woah the titanic; weighed a metric shit ton.
by A metric shit ton February 22, 2016
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