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comin from k-town eastside knox t.n. its a shorter word for reeboks
that lil girl messed up when she stepped on my new rees
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comin from eastside knox. replaceable ice out or gold teeth.take out for cleaning or while sleeping
lil dubs snatch outs is hard
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i mde this 1 in g.a. seeing as how theres alot of them there. it means a dyme, well u think hes or shes a dyme until they open up their mouth.every things cool till it gets 2 THE LIP. teeth is fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkeddddd up
j-kwon,kanye west,young wun and that lil boi that live down the street is some 2the lip
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in k town knox t.n it means ya mama
my bird is trippin so i probobly wont get to ride to night.
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in knox t.n. messin means tryna get u 2 cut, or do something with them . wantin u 2 fuck and tryna convince you. also used as messy.
that lil boi keep bein messy.my man would be mad if he knew he was messin with me
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my word. used 4 dissin and dissmissin discussin or hushin. said loud and spainish type .i say it when my girls need it said. they say now i do my thing. stop hatin k-town stay down. t.n pimpin
c~girl lil walt tryna hit again,now
uh oh ~nnee wwaayyzz
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