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to mix, to get along with
Gizel meshes real well with Will
by Joe Carp January 24, 2005
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an action used between two amegos, when theirs fists come together and turn 90 degrees in opposite directions. This action usualy comes after a legendary comment or action.
"I wouldn't trust him with a paper clip" "Mesh to that bruv"
by Christian Brown November 04, 2006
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To have sex with. Or (in some cases), any sort of sexual intercause.
Girl 1= "what happened after you n him left da club last night"

Girl 2= "we went back to his yard n got busy enit"

Girl 1= "izziit. It was blatant you would mesh him "
by Princess Mercii September 19, 2007
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A random iOS auto-correction for "mwah." This has been adapted to not only mean "mwah" but also a form of hello or hi.

It is a solution for guys who do not really like to say "mwah" to each other, but want to put the same idea across.

When said out aloud, it's often elongated:
"Meeeeesh!" (the "eeeeee" sounds like the "e" in "bed")
E.g. Mesh! How is everyone one?

E.g. See you guys tonight! Mesh!
by KeenanMag November 09, 2012
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