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half mermaid and half shaquille O'neal. 100 percent pretty cool.
Riding on a mershaq back.....I got a buncha kids riding on my back....Havent you ever heard of a catfish?
by Zach Gdifhu April 28, 2007
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Half mermaid, half Shaquille O'Neil and 100% pretty cool. What's up?!? Can be used as an alternative method of transportation to prom. Its a box of balloons.... its just balloons.
Lowly dog, bow your head, that's a Mershaq!
by Fort Dudica September 02, 2008
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Half mermaid, half Shaquille O'neal, and 100% pretty cool. Some sub-species known to possess whiskers and lie awkwardly on one side.
Lowely dog, bow your head. That's a Mershaq.
by furiousfroh December 06, 2010
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Half mermaid, half walrus, and half Shaquille O'Neal.
I missed the bus, but just then a mershaq appeared and gave me a ride to school.

Thanks Mershaq your the best!
by iplaywithsquirls February 01, 2008
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