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one of the nation's 6th most wealthy states that many people have misconceptions of. usually stereotyped as smelly, dirty, and unclean, yet that only makes up about 5% of the area of the state. other 95% includes scenic river valleys, picture-perfect suburbs, rolling farmland, sandy beaches, and bustling nightlife
"I would drive around New Jersey to get to New York because it smells."
is a terrible misconception.

Average household price = $649,000
by Sage December 22, 2003

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The kick-ass armored bear king from the Book Series 'His Dark Materials'
Iorek went on another killing spree looking for his armor.
by Sage February 15, 2004

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Short for Abercrombie & Fitch, a clothing company who used to make presidential quality clothing (worn by Roosevelt and Ford among others). Became bankrupt in the 1970s, was aquired, then later reinvented itself into the young, rich, WASPish "lifestyle" clothing company it is seen as today. Usually perceived by middle and lower class American youth as tastelessly showy and flamboyant.
"Abercrombie never has sales."
by Sage June 13, 2005

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newbalicious is the act of being and newb, if you needed this definition to define it....your newbalicious...=)
Dude, wtf you team killed, man your newbalicious.
by Sage August 23, 2004

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Quite possibly the best moderator on go-gaia.com.
Boombanda=teh secks
by Sage April 24, 2004

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To be completely used and then ditched by a date. Derived from romp.com
Theo found himself tossed over the falls after the girls he invited to the party found someone cooler to hang out with there.
by sage September 12, 2004

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A modern day swashbuckling pirate from Bournemouth.
I met Ace McSword yesterday. He is cool.
by sage March 15, 2005

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