Mispelling of the French merde. Means "shit."
Britain just told the U.S. that if France gives us any merde, we should nuke their derrieres.
by skyblack June 13, 2004
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shit meaning O MY GOSH!!!!!!
Merd!!! I should've fucked him!!!!
by Swbryswtchc April 20, 2004
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1 shit

2 other expletive

3 bestest friend (dervied from merda-head, origins italian and french)
1,2 Oh, merd!

3 Merd, you'll never guess what happened today...
by Fritaly December 23, 2003
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slang word for mad; or mispronunciation of mad
That bitch was merd crazy last night!!
This jacket got merd pockets!
Those cupcakes were merd good!
by anggripps March 24, 2011
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four best friends who do everything together and never split up
Oh, look, there goes MERD again! They are always together!
by 143143143 May 20, 2009
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French for "shit". Suitable for describing just about everything in my life right now.
Rimbaud once scrawled "Merde a Dieu!" (shit on God) as graffiti in Paris.
by skyblack June 13, 2004
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