The act of taking a man to one's bed. Usually used in reference to a series of one-night stands.
Sorry I've been out of contact I've been too busy mening, it wouldn't take up as much of my time if I didn't have to wake up next to some stranger the next morning and go through the whole brunch and awkward conversation routine.
by Shakespeare's Sista May 14, 2015
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Getting a blowjob from someone ugly because you are desperate and in dire need of a sexual release to only then be embarrassed in front of your soccer team when a German finds out who the girl is.
"Hey Bekah I need a Meneli!"
"Yeah no problem, on my way right now!"
by Meneli November 6, 2019
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spanish word for "shake" or "move".
mene a el bumper,
mene a el culo,
ella le mene
by M.C. Hosson April 16, 2007
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Meneli is a kind and caring girl she is normally born in winter , she can be a sweet girl at times but if you mess with her ya’ll better run for your lives.

She needs A LOT of attention and care otherwise she will start acting like a bitch and ruin you. A tip from me is to avoid getting her angry if you do you better run for your lives.

Be friends with Meneli, get to know her better her sign is Aquarius and she’ll be your best and only loyal friend.
Enemy: Hey bitch
Meneli: what did u just call me ?
Enemy: B I T C H
Meneli: WANNA GO GIRL?!?!!????!!
by #bored April 6, 2018
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an independent band formed and headed by musician Erik Mattiasson from Stockholm, Sweden.

-Holes (2004)
-Bring the Lions Out (2008)
-Behind the Trees (2012)

The single "I Adore You" (from "Bring Lions Out"), was used in a 2008 Volvo car commercial.
- Can you name all nine muses?
- Well when Melpo Mene started to release soundtracks for the motion movie where all muses were named, i learnt all of them
by annalotte August 15, 2012
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A common phrase used in the Finnish language to tell someone to get a job.
Spare some change”

“No vittu en, mene töihin.”
by menetoihinkakara April 18, 2020
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Eat me in Serbian.
Possibly the most raddest insult ever that no one will ever understand.
Americunt: You suck
Eurotrash: Jede mene!
Americunt: Insulting people in Serb, insults Serbs.

Eurotrash: No. I just insulted you, so suck my dick.
by eurotrashxoxo February 7, 2011
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