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Mellanie is extremely Beautiful, a sight for sore eyes and very mysterious.

its hard to notice when she is pissed but when she is then BACK AWAY SLOWLY!

she is vibrant, and tells is like it is, calls it as she sees it.

but is not one for being second best. she must be at the top of your to do list or she will not feel as though she is appreciated, or good enough.

planning is very important to her and so is tardiness. she is never late, and expects the same in return.

she is generallly happy and thrives on positive energy. hates to be around negative people, and feels everyone should have something to be happy and proud of.

no matter how little, look at the good and not the bad. after all it could be worse. you need to have yo9ur priorities straight with her and kow when and where she belongs. she is one of the hottest woen you wil ever know and you will never be dissatisfied. or dissappointed around her. and is a social butterfly..but is picky about who she lets into her life.
if you have made plans with Mellanie and cancelled for anything but an emergency, she will be pissed...and hurt.. she will no longer be happy, but everything she hates.

but when things works out the way they are supposed to she will be extremely happy and the whole world will be happy.
by wonder brat February 05, 2010
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