amazing singer/songwriter with very creepy yet addicting songs.
Person 1: do you listen to Melanie Martinez?
Person 2: Is syrup still syrup in a sippy cup? Hell yeah
by Faceless Alison December 20, 2015
American singer, songwriter and photographer. She was a member of Team Adam in the third season of the American television vocal talent show The Voice. On April 22, 2014, she released the lead single "Dollhouse," from her debut EP The Dollhouse.
Melanie Martinez was so good on The Voice!
by swiggityswagg December 21, 2014
A singer/song writer who has a very unique sense of style, loves vintage toys and baby dolls, has an amazing voice without auto toon, doesn't care what other people think of her, has a super sweet personality, and every song she writes has a really deep meaning
Melanie Martinez songs
Cry baby


Pitty party
Sippy cup

Mad hatter


Alphabet boy

Tag you're it

Mrs. Potato head
Gingerbread man

Milk and cookies

Pacify her
Play date
Dead to me


Bittersweet tragedy

Teddy bear
by Maddy hatter April 14, 2016
amazing singer/songwriter who released her EP 'Dollhouse' in 2014, her album 'Crybaby' in 2015 and her single 'Gingerbread Man' in 2016. She is currently making the Alphabet Boy music video and is making one for every song in Crybaby except the 3 from the deluxe album. she is AMAZING and I love her very very much, she is the best singer ever and her hair is my goals - it was inspired by Cruella De Vil :))
I don't know if I wrote 2 definitions but if I did never mind
if I didn't then it doesn't matter
if you like Mel - wrote on other definition too:
halsey avril lavigne paramore marina and the diamonds lana del rey panic! at the disco fall out boy twenty one pilots
by melaniemartinez May 22, 2016
Melanie Martinez, is an american singer/ songwriter/ actress who has made two albums and an EP called dollhouse, her two albums are called crybaby and k-12, k-12 is also a film

Fact file !

1. She is allergic to red apples

2. She loves chocolate
3.she hates being called queen or mommy and she prefers being called daddy

4. She has two dogs, peanut and mouse

5.her bf is Oliver tree

Recently Melanie's song playdate has gained a ton of fame on tik tok and melanie has released a lyric vid for playdate and is currently working on a music vid in madonna inn!

If you haven't listened to melanie , I recommend you check her out , she is an amazing inspiration!
Friend : " who's melanie martinez?"

Me and other crybabys: " THE BEST PERSON ON EARTH"
by Melanie's crybaby June 9, 2020
A singer/song-writer who makes amazing music and awesome but weird music videos. She dyes her hair a lot.
by Amazing Shoe September 25, 2017
A Singer/Songwriter who creates deep but very relatable songs. She rose to fame since 2012 and in 2014 she released DollHouse EP.

Melanie Martinez collect dolls and items from her childhood since the 80's and she has a unique voice.

Mel was sadly accused of rape by her former friend named 'Timothy Heller'

Now everyone in this damn website is making terrible and false definitions about her
Melanie Martinez: They call me crybaby, crybaby!!
by Shrek-Tastic! August 6, 2018