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A few people are born on this day just like me!
Bro guess what
It’s april 22
It’s my birthday
by FrenchEnglishAndPolishPerson August 28, 2021
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It's national hug day, you just have to go hug someone special and tell them something nice!
hey bro come here it's April 22
by ijustwantahug April 19, 2019
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A day for people to be gay asf
Chad: wanna hook up?
Brad: No that’s gay
Chad: It’s April 22 tho
by ratratratratratratratratratrat October 19, 2019
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Do anything freaky. Grab anybody ass you see. Grab somebody dick. Grab somebody titties. It's finna be freaky Monday. Hadn't done anything freaky on the whole break. Well now you are. ;) Try to do it for a whole weak
On April 22 Walk pass and do something freaky to somebody
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It’s April 22 leave a hickey and don’t get caught
It’s April 22 ya should so give her a hickey did of all days today is the day
by Random guy 777 April 14, 2019
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