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Japanese term for glasses. It can be used to describe a person who wears glasses, usually a man.
Did you see Kyouya?! That guy is a total megane!
by shae_bomb September 30, 2007
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Megane is weird, creepy, scary best friend. Although she might seem like a psychopath she is the sweetest friend when you get to know her and will always listen to the gossip (tea) you have to spill. Megane will always watch scary movies with you because she is basically a psycho killer;)))) But very lovable
Look its a Megane a weird creepy Megane
by helloitsmebih March 19, 2019
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Siva's girlfriend who's the most funniest and most amazing loving and caring person you can ever meet and be friends with in your life. Megane is also known to be the world's most beautiful person.
"Who is that beautiful girl over there?

"That's Siva's girlfriend Megane."
by sfeedy April 21, 2015
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