Socialized, government-run healthcare that elderly Republicans want to keep to themselves.
by RGtotheL December 11, 2009
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Crap that helps old people when they get sick
Person 1-Oh, that old guy is so sick! How can he pay for medical bills?
Person 2-It's okay, he's got medicare.
by TacoLaddyyy May 26, 2009
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a condition that results in high levels of stress, ulcers and the inability to do one's job because of worrying about health care reform and government's involvement in health care decisions.
Because of all the health care reform discussions and potential implications, I've developed a severe case of medicaritis.
by christineoz March 12, 2010
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A single payer healthcare bill proposed in the United States that works by expanding the already existing Medicare program to cover all citizens.

Medicare For All funds healthcare through taxes, rather than paying premiums and deductibles to profit-driven insurance companies.

This is important legislation because the United States is the only developed nation that doesn’t have universal care for all of its citizens.
If we had Medicare for All, then you’d never have to worry about out of pocket healthcare expenses again.
by XDefineThingsX May 6, 2019
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A program in which retirees exchange pain medication for fellatio
" Shucks maw, David next door has a hot young woman giving him fellatio and he gives her his leftover Vicodin. That's a Medicare to fellatio program if I say so myself. I wonder if she's a subcutaneous tissue consultant. Huh ".
by saavy chimp July 13, 2022
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A doctor who is more concerned with getting his medicare form signed than he is finding out what a patients health issues are. They will often write a prescription based on a few cursory questions to the patient, without actually examining them or seeking adequate information to diagnose health problems.
I went to see what I thought was a health care professional (doctor) because I had been suffering bad headaches for a couple of weeks, turns out he was nothing more than a medicare practitioner, he handed me a medicare slip to sign while he wrote out a prescription for painkillers and told me to attend an emergency room if they did not go away.
by Titan Ace March 14, 2016
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Proceeds of gambling from the streamer Medicated on that support the slots exploits of the other two streamers, Aussie and Clamps
Had it not been for the MediCare from last night’s stream, we’d have to call Aunty Reeta early!
by ALL_IN_KAPPA July 24, 2022
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