The bottom of the curve that saves your grade.
"Hey you studying for that exam"
"Nah the meat-shields got me covered"
by Apt420 March 9, 2019
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Used in a zombie invasion, a meat-shield is a individual who is viewed as obsolete or as a way to save their own ass by another individual, and they are promptly used as bait on an hoard of zombies at any given time. This technique is very effective in distracting the zombies, and since the meat-shield had no real purpose before, they are given a purpose to be yummy decoy.
Scenario: zombie invasion, wide scale and there is a small group of survivors. One of the survivors, named Steve, does not do jack to help the group and constantly pissing and moaning, making life even more aggrivating for the others.

Steve: #whining and bitching# I'm tired and hungry!! This sucks! I'm going to be the last survivor...Bitch, bitch, bitch, etc...
#hoard of zombies come running in#
Sam:#about to be attacked by a zombie# Meat shield!
#Group tosses Steve into the masses of zombies. He doesn't last long... And the rest of the group gets away and survives#
by sephrin May 6, 2007
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n. Human flesh which obstructs the passage of a projectile (i.e. bullet) from its intended destination. The human in question does not need to be alive to perform this function.
"Die, already! Damn meat shield..."
by ATX April 21, 2006
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Effectively the same as human shield but can mean the use of any sufficient animal.
I would have been nailed by that paintball, but I grabbed Dave and put him in front of me for a meat shield.
by wtfomgstfu November 1, 2003
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A person who is sacrificed by the larger group in the event of a zombie invasion to be eaten.
MiMi Paek is useless and therefore, a meat shield
by isapa December 17, 2009
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A character in a tactics rpg, i.e. Fire Emblem, who is disarmed and used to distract enemies without inflicting damage or gaining significant exp.
To act as a meat shield.
Fire Emblem Noob: Hey, I got a paladin! Sweet!
Fire Emblem Expert: Take his weapons and set him in front of the lord. Otherwise he'll steal your experience.
Noob: I'm ready to fight!
Captain: Go meat shield a sniper, why don't you?!
by Masaki July 26, 2006
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person which stops a bullet for someone else using their body

rule number 1.
1. Dedicated meat shield is always the lesser cool person.

rule number 2.
2. If you're name is lauren o' boyle, you are always meat shield
Lauren is a meat shield.
by Urban Dictionary-ary September 24, 2006
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