Some goon used by an evil guy to protect himself from enemy fire. Usually gets killed as soon as he is taken as a shield by multiple rounds of fire.
The villain is suddenly caught by an undercover agent who starts firing everywhere to kill his henchmen. The villain then uses the closest surviving henchman as a human shield in order to make his escape, just as the hero suddenly decides to fire at the villain.
by Exor January 19, 2004
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A misguided individual that would rather shield an out of the way location than to actually risk his life. Will change mind when exposed to what conditions are really like.
"What? Stand in front of Saddam? But, that'll get me killed. This isn't fun anymore."
by tradesman April 1, 2003
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A brainwashed college student stuck in a fantasy world created by his professors who also live in that world; due to the fact that the professors themselves do not actually work in the real world. (or even a full time schedule)
A person who sees the government as something evil....although that same gov't gives and protects their freedom on a daily basis by going to war with sandniggers that want to kill us.
Hey look at those human sheilds/protestors/hypocrites protesting outside of the military base.
Wow, don't they understand that those soldiers are protecting them from harm and giving them their freedom?
Gee, I guess not.
Yep, just one more reason to keep abortion legal.
by hooper March 14, 2004
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Unamerican, oxygen-wasting hippie who deserves to be shot by the soldiers they are blocking.
Human shields don't deserve to be a part of this country.
by The Great X-wing Ace April 10, 2003
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A political act from one that uses their body only to prevent armed forces from advancing. It is normally done in places where political dissenters demonstrate their belief that the state's irrationality is at such an extreme that they would resort to political propoganda and violence to denounce and crush their own citizens.
by The less normative June 20, 2003
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Liberal moron who mocks the Armed Forces that have sacrificed so much just to give the liberal moron a right to espouse pointless, irrelevent, and inflamatory rhetoric in public and to give aid and comfort to the enemy.

Also see - Sucker, dumbass, Hillary Lovin'retard and Soccor Mom
Hopefully all of the human Sheilds will have their American citizenship revoked.

Hopefully the human shields with American Citzenship will get the tip of a US Marine's bayonet!
by Tim Freckman March 27, 2003
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some who is not a american redneck retard ,someone who stands up for the rights when they are oppressed and who belives in wht they are fighting for other than a homophobic war mongering piece of shit
look at the human shield stopping the russian tanks in hungary
by freedom fighter January 26, 2005
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