person(s) that have no will of there own; somebody that lets others control them.
George is Pats meat puppet, he does what ever she says.
by Therese December 12, 2005
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1. Another name for a human being, especially one who doesn't think for herself/has no soul and is therefore controlled by others. 2. An ugly bag of mostly water.
I'm so sick of all these meat puppets eating up all the tater tots.
by ZoomaBaresAll November 5, 2010
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A person that is totaly devoid of brain material; a complete idiot
That´s the third time now that Brian fails to the final exam; this guy is a real meat puppet!
by Zorglub May 19, 2005
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the phenomenon of a man being able to move or shake his erect penis around without touching it or moving any other part of his body; can also refer to a man manipulating the urethra hole to make the penis talk.
Man: Hey baby, this meat puppet can't suck itself!
His penis (meat puppet): Yeah, bitch!
by OBPAEH January 25, 2008
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an actor working as an extra in a film or television production
They dress us up, tell us how to move around, and, in the end, no one even sees our faces; we're meat puppets.
by Shy Mind Couch August 1, 2016
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A person of below average height, such as a midget, who enjoys having entire hands, or fists, inserted into their rectum, thus looking like a live puppet to any viewers.
She enjoyed having every man's hand from the local hockey team up her ass and being their meat puppet mascot.

He took his hand and jammed it up the meat puppet's ass. It looked like Kermit with blood and shit squirting everywhere.
by William Eitch Macy July 15, 2008
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a rock & roll girlfriend. a substitute term for guys who feel lame saying "i have a girlfriend."
man, billy's meat puppet is strutting some serious strut today. damn, he's lucky!
by k.zazzle March 21, 2007
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