Soneone with a life so sad that they try to control someone else's to deny their own reality.
Jack: Man I swear John keeps trying me how to live, where I should go and what to spend money on.
Jim: Sounds like he is your puppeteer.
by HbBrisley August 04, 2020
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An increasingly popular nickname for Vladimir Putin.
From the very beginning of my fake presidency, I have been committed to assisting my old friend, The Puppeteer, in making America great again!
by Dr Bunnygirl August 28, 2020
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1. A person that is easily controlled by others.
2. A person that conforms to pointless ideals set by others.
3. A person who changes opinions or views rapidly based on someone else's views/opinions.
I don't trust you. You are just a puppet.
by Jakob with a K July 10, 2008
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1. A person not capable of forming his or her own ideas. Often, the person will adopt a set of ideals and protect them vehemently by ridiculing other peoples' values.
2. A person being manipulated, whether he he realizes it or not. See: tool
Conformists. Posers. Teeny-boppers. Anybody easily impressionable
by Mush Hyren December 03, 2003
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Something controlled by something else.
See wordAvril/word, wordGeorge W. Bush/word, wordetc/word
by larstait October 28, 2003
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This occurs during a bisexual threesome involving two guys and one girl. When one man inserts his penis into the ass of the other man, then thrusts and guides that man into the womans vagina.
"Danny and Ryan pulled the puppeteer on Linda last night. Who thought Ryan would be the middle man."
by MisterRochet February 08, 2010
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The act of two people fisting a woman in two different holes and fist bumping one another while inside her.
That chick was so freaky she actually let them pull the puppeteer on her last night.

I wonder if it hurt when she got the puppeteer?
by the brosbands June 30, 2013
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