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The single meal consumed by recent college students/college graduates - particularly liberal arts majors - who are too poor to afford to eat multiple times during the day. Can be comprised of anything, but usually contains some sort of "real" food (vegetables, even if canned), or a close proximity such as TV-dinners. Generally eaten in late afternoon to stave off hunger pangs during the night.
Frederick's stomach was growling, it was almost 7PM and he had yet to eat meal.
by Jdwolff September 21, 2007
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All manner of unspeakable (hence why they are not being spoken or written here) atrocities that one may propigate via the internet, you sick monkeys. Coined by world-renowned webcomic and cowboy poet Jeffery Rowland.
John comitted webcest when he found out that the twelve year old he was cybering with was his cousin.
by Jdwolff August 10, 2005
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