Person#1 - Hey lets go to my house
Person#2 - hell no you live in meadowbrook i don't wanna die

Person#1 - You pussy
by xdroopyx August 22, 2009
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another hood in the east side of fort worth taking up both sides of Lancaster avenue the main road in the east from cooks lane to beach st both bloods and crips roam this set if you want to get rid of some dope hit Lancaster we got the most junkies in the east
Meadowbrook is a hood in fort worth running next to stop 6 and poly
by murdabrook goblin April 4, 2011
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A retarted school filled with white kids and stupid rasict chodes
Meadowbrook is the worst school in America
by Carsheen October 5, 2018
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Perfect description of a Meadowbrookian: Daddy's Girl/ Boy... Given way too many things... Always popping the newest clothes, hottest designer bag, and DONT FORGET THE TIFFANY's! Life's always a big ass party... life is too short to live quietly!... Driving around in the newest Car... Living in a McMansion... OH and the constant TRIPS around the world!!!! (We must be at Paris, Milan, London, Madrid.. Daaaahling!) GUYS in this little upscale town party too hardy.. get a bit too drugged up.. and are drunk every weekend... Don't dare compare us to MEADOWBROOK APARTMENTS!...such an understatement of the high flyin people we are! It would just be PLAIN RUDE too commit such a horror! AND of course we can NOT be compare to the other dangling little towns sharing the 19046, (ie. Rockledge)
We are the Laguna Beacher-type this side of King of Prussia
by meadowB is the PLACE to B March 8, 2005
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The hottest of the hots live in Meadowbrook. Filled with the million dollar houses, do NOT confuse it with Jenkintown or Rockledge (ghetto town) even though we share the same 5- digits. All of us party like there isn't any tomorrow, live like we're dying, shop till we drop, drive in the newest Benz, Audi. Some of our pops even zoom around town in the Bentley. It all about the MEADOW-not to be confused with the cheap apartments of the same name in H-valley. We are SO not cheap people.
Girls driving daddy's car, wearing the newest designer threads, Tiffany's Jewels, and don't forget the newest designer BAG! Guys hosting way too much parties in their McMansions and smoking a bit too much weed. Its a mix of HOT cultures and religions. We all one love BABY!
by That's Hot March 7, 2005
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Gay ass school with a bitch ass teacher named Ms.offield and a fat kid named Efrien golindo. A school that's lame and boring
Meadowbrook middle is a lame school with bean heads.
by Fuckmsoffield November 6, 2017
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a school that sucks asshole. the richies who drive their big escelades or lexus's or maybe their bentleys occasionally. the teachers are huge chodes and they all suck. K-8 but treated all like fricken pre-schoolers. reality check meadowbrook!
wow u go to a meadowbrook school!?
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