A really boring town in Florida with nothing to do. You have to go to surrounding towns like Viera or Merrit Island to even do something decent. This is the home of the very proud Rockledge Raiders. Also known as The Rock. Its also right next to Cocoa. If you live in Rockledge, you know why its not to good to live in the west part unless your into drugs. Most people who live there just tell people who dont know them that they live in Cocoa Beach. Its just easier because Rockledge is that small of a town, nobody really knows where the heck it is unless you live in Brevard.
Let's get out of Rockledge. Theres absolutely nothing to to here but go to Space Bowl.
by jullie1054 August 21, 2008
A town in central florida in which its frowned upon to make logical descisions, especially if youre associated with the county school board.
by ahma echerbranz August 21, 2008
Boring ass town full of stoners and average people and fake ass kids who try to be hard. The high school is very diverse and the kids there all mainly talk shit and make fakes ass gangs for example FMF, DBS, LSOM
Kid 1: Bro Rockledge is so boring this town sucks.

Kid 2: Lets go smoke ganja mayne,

Kid 1: Fuck off
by auygaowm February 26, 2012
pie ass mother fuckers, green as shit, bunch of annoying ass niggers trying to shoot and kill people. notorious for stealing and being straight up fucking dumb.
brandon ellis; justin weaver; stone; logan; and all you pie ass niggas; rockledge boys
by 321_BOYS July 11, 2010
A high school located within the small town of Rockledge, Florida. Races and ethnicities range widely, giving the school's student population a most diverse makeup. Teachers and staff are typically either extremely lenient or overly strict, rarely anywhere between. Equipment conditions are low and lunch quality is likely set at standards below that of the common fast food joint. Recent large influxes in the 9th grader intake have done well to tarnish the school's reputation of intelligence. Regardless, it is still a better place to spend one's high school years than the stuck-up red light district known as Viera High School or IQ-lacking Cocoa High School.
Student: What was it like at Rockledge High School when you were a kid, dad?

Dad: Meh, it was alright.
by Hr. Doktor March 5, 2011
A High School that's ethnic diversity is interesting, but for the fact that more then 50% of the school is full of Wanna-be Ghettos who are annoying and wouldn't know how to be a real person without faking a label if it bit them in the butt. Also, the IQ seems to drop everyday, any school even MERRITT ISLAND HIGH SCHOOL is better then Rockledge (this includes Viera, Space Coast, Cocoa, etc) Rockledge High School is full of reject teachers that couldn't make it into actual schools because they don't know how to teach, therefore the students get even dumber then they were, which is sadly possible.
Mom: Rockledge High School has seriously down graded since I went there.

Child: You think? Rockledge High School is the WORST!
by SMARTrockledgestudent April 19, 2011
A place located by cocoa fl where the population is very small and there isn't shit out there . The young teenager boys and girls are ridiculous, want to be hippie bitches that think being 15 and going clubbing is normal. But in reality it's the opposite of the case they just sit by the railroad tracks popping zanex and call their selves "rad" but in reality they are the opposite of the case they jump all on you like some bipolar twat that thinks they are better than everyone and thinks they are peaceful flower children but it's not the case. And the boys are just sad. The area is quite nice but the people are okay it's a very high dollar area and the roads havent been done for years so good luck driving at night but other than that it's a bunch of nothing besides white privlaged kids.
by Mega_tittygrabber August 17, 2017