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The greatest zip code in all of The Bing. Where u can walk down to the shopping center and see at least 15 of ur closest friends. Where Starbucks hands out free drinks left and right to the kiddos and ur order is usually off the 99 cent menu at Wendy's. The only rite aid u can't walk into without being patted down. Where even the older kids still drive by to let the youngins race their cars while blasting music. Where Nancy lets u all buy lighters at giant even tho she knows we're all 15. Where every week or so everyone meets up in the woods to crack open some nattys, and then ofc go to the shopping center after... bent asf. Where the only drama is what side wawa is on... and we wouldn't want it any other way. #19046OrGtfo
Only in the 19046
by 19046er August 24, 2017
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