Wears nothing but sports clothes such as Kappa, but only ever runs when nicking cheap cider. Also recognisable by their huge "gold" earrings. Past-times meaders enjoy include: listening to rap groups with more members than brain cells (such as So Solid Crew), drinking cheap cider, nickin' things, becoming pregnant at age 8, gelling their hair flat. A Bristol term that originates from the name of the Bristol area, Southmead. An example of a famous meader is Vicky Pollard, from "Little Britain". A derogatory term.

See also: towny
"Damn, the cinema's full of meaders!"
by cakeandfinewine September 24, 2004
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Some one who talks like a Yer from Southmead, Bristol (England). A meader is commonaly a chav due to the rough area lived in : The girls are normally pregnent before they even turn 20 : CHAVS.
Look at that meader. What a fucking chav acting all hard.

Meader: "Yerrrr Dat Gals Gurt Lush Init."
by Maevie April 16, 2006
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Hmm I would differentiate a meader from a townie. A townie tends to be middle-class, wear shirts and try to show everyone how hard they are by trying to start fights with everyone they see (although always being restrained just in time to make sure they don't get hurt).

A meader however tends to be from southmead and so lower-class and talk with a thick bristolian accent and are often a chav.

Also another word for people from bedminster is bedger.
Hmm that person might be slightly attractive if they weren't a meader.
by k-- December 25, 2004
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Noun (mee-durh) origin: Bristol, GB (after the area Southmead)
Used to define a wide range of people who come from a lower form of life (in Hindu culture usually referred to as Untouchables). These people should all be murdered brutally, or they will destroy all the norms. They commonly use words such as 'jitter' to describe anyone else other than them, because they have no brain capacity to relate to different people. They will often be found sitting in parks drinking white lighting or smoking grass (the actual stuff, not canabis) and listening to mainstream urban music (which quite frankly is bollocks) rather than the actual good alternative hip-hop. The tend to think that what is in the charts is talent (the cause of this phenomenon - Chart Music Good, or CMG - is as yet unknown). They will often be seen riding scooters or mopeds for some reason thinking it is acceptable to think that they are being 'cool'. They try to scare common people by being complete knobends and texting endlessly because they are too fat to make proper conversation. These people should be treated with extreme caution before being tied up and gassed.
'Why are you shagging your sister, you fucking meader'
'WHAT?!?!? Jimi Hendrix? Wrist slitting music? You would prefer WHAT? DANCE?!?!? GET AWAY FROM ME YOU INFERNAL MEADER!!!'
'Who's the meader swinging on the gallows pole today?'
by Josh Turnbull April 29, 2005
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monkey-faced, baseball cap wearing, knuckle dragging member of one of Bristol's less affluent white areas
'ere, you is a meaderrrrrrrrr
by craig February 10, 2004
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abbreviation of southmeader
used mostly in Bristol (me home town)
but ive herd it up in norfolk too
meanin sum tramp arsed twat who hangs round outside the burned out post office with marlboro umbrellas whatever the weather
shiiit!! theres meaders wes gonna get jacked!
(sed under breathe after bein jacked) fuckin meaders........
by Dinger McCharles June 2, 2004
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someone from southmead/hartcliffe/bedminster who wears a tracksuit and gold earings
Male - 'Ere I am a fuckin meader
Female - Fuck me so am I
by Mitch May 25, 2003
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