"chee ma gun" in Cantonese, means that someone is totally crazy and is usually used when someone does something stupid.
dude 1: *finds a cliff and jump down*
dude 2: cmg.
by another_hongkongerrrr April 10, 2021
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It's Spanish. When laughing at a joke or comment you almost poop your pantsCMG.
by Ice Master J Flash January 4, 2011
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CMG, is the abbreviation of Cum Milkers Gang.
If someone tells you that you're in. You are. No way out, no escaping. If you are a part of the CMG you are now homosexual and u are a racist. You also watch porn 24/7 and sit in your room eating chips.
Yo this dude is in CMG, i wanna be just like him.
Jerome: Yo tyrone where the chicken at cuh
Tyrone: CMG hit a lick on us bruh its gone
Jerome: kumalala kumalala kumalala savesta
by Maybe scarz May 28, 2022
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Clean meat gang
If no other human has touch your bare meat you are in the CMG
Im in the cmg are you?
by Sexy max July 25, 2019
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Pussy ass gang, they think they all that pull up to Springdale and we’ll bash ur heads.
Look at those CMG rats, let’s call Springdale on them.
by Springdale Gang April 28, 2019
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Abbreviation of "Chi Ma Gun", Cantonese phrase meaning "Fucking Crazy". It has the same meaning of "cls", but a politer word!
"wah cmg ga!" Woah fucking crazy!
by jestereatwap July 31, 2021
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