the act of pleasuring a woman with both hands, tongue, and a strap-on chin dong.
last night, i pulled a mclaughlin on your woman, and she squirted in my face.
by ethan frome July 12, 2008
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Caleb is a 15-years-old boy who plays Lucas at Stranger Things. He's the nicest and sweetest human ever, he always take care for the fans and says that we should love us no matter why. He's an inspiration for all of us. He's a great dancer by the way.
by estlla May 13, 2017
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An extremely talented actor, singer, dancer, and basketball player who is mostly known for playing young simba on broadway, Lucas Sinclair on Stranger Things, Ricky Bell on The New Edition story, having one of the most iconic lip sync battles, and being the most stylish celebrity on every red carpet he’s ever stepped on.

He also has the most normal fans in the Stranger Things fandom. They seem to respect his privacy and don’t sexualize him. Overall, he has a good head on his shoulders and is a great role model.
Did anyone else see Caleb McLaughlin embarrass the adults at the All Star basketball game? He was the only won who knew how to play.
by Nadia2002 April 8, 2018
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Adelaide McLaughlin Known for its autistic population and pointless drama. The most poor school in durham and filled with trashy students. Has hoes around every corner and girls flater than walls. Has Fuckboys so inmature they'll tell you all about there irregularly small penises. Guys so cocky you'd thinks there ego couldn't get any higher. Great artists and amazing douchbags, Adelaide is one fucked up school.
by IDontKnowYouDontKnow November 8, 2018
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Mad man from Donegal, Ireland. Used to have curly hair like sideshow bob, now is slowly balding.
by Anonymous August 28, 2003
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