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Comes from the movie Scarface, where Cubans pronounce the word "man" as "mayne".
You chicken mayne...you almost made it.

Hey, hey, hey, FUCK YOU MAYNE...who put this thing together? Me, that's who.
by asd September 02, 2004
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The cooliest Zim character that was evr drawn
Word up kids, this is poop dawg!!!
by asd September 19, 2003
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people by the name of "Chris" or "Andrew" and their last names start with P or an L which spends time looking at child porn and dreams about having intercourse with their siblings and parents.
Andrew the fuckar had sex with his mother last night.
by asd June 16, 2003
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ppl who take computer games way to seriously. hav training sessions in which they all have to be online at certain times etc etc.
person 1:that game was impossible to play once those clan members joined.

person 2: well at least we hav lives outside of the computer
by asd July 18, 2004
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