A glorious place in Massachusettes where the beer flows like wine and even the ugle girls are sexy.
Sexy Girl 1: You're from Maynard!?
Cool Dude: Ya.
Sexy Girl: You wanna bang?
Cool Dude: OK
Sexy Girl 2: Can I join too?
by JDizzzle April 04, 2006
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A maynard is you regular bad-ass. Any particular Maynard may name his/her friends as Maynard's also. Being a Maynard demands fear and respect. Maynard's have a sense of authority too.
Maynard One: Hey Maynard
Maynard Two: Hey Maynard
Maynard One: What's shaking?

Geek: WOW Here come's Maynard and her Maynard friends!
Geek 2: I wish I was a Maynard
Geek: Me too, let's ask!
Maynard: No fuckin' way mate
Geek *cries and kills himself*
by N_Maynard October 05, 2005
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A term used when referring to a person or event deemed to embody the most impressive or magnificent qualities of any ever to manifest in any dimension.
One possessing the awesome ability to be life altering to witness .
Woodstock was the Maynard of all rock concerts!
When the bell rang, Iron Mike came out of the corner and dropped the Maynard on his ass!
by Maynframe December 06, 2018
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A town where, by having sexual intercourse with one person, you are forever sexually linked to every other town member of a certain age bracket, given the past sexual conquests of your partner.
Girl One: I finally banged Rex last night!
Girl Two: It’s about time. You have been trying forever. He refuses to cheat on his girlfriend. I got with Stan again this past weekend.
Girl One: Wait!!! Didn’t Stan fool around with Betty all of last summer?
Girl Two: Yah, what’s your point?
Girl One: Betty is Rex’s girlfriend, so by screwing Rex last night, me and you basically had sex with one another.
Girl Two: Oh. (pause) Well that’s Maynard for ya.
Both: Hahahahhahah
by TheWiseMan1 May 25, 2006
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A word commonly used in reference to someone who lacks sense.
Mary: Big test tomorrow, still going to party till dawn #yolo 😝
Cindy: Oh Mary...
Mary: What?
Cindy:You're such a Maynard.
by DisturbedFlamingo77 February 16, 2016
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When a man has very greasy balls due to excess sweat, giving the feeling as if someone had rubbed mayonnaise on his nards; hence the name Maynards.
When Jim went to feel his balls he realized he had Maynards, so he went and cleaned himself off.
by Emixam Noid March 28, 2008
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Maynard is a condiment, the greasy mixture of mayonaise and mustard which is usually mixed to the eater's preference. It can be applied to any food, best on cheeseburgers.
I like to use maynard in my potato salad. Mayonaise and mustard are used in potato salad and it just seems right.
by rDoorn June 15, 2010
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